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Annual Free Skin Cancer Screening

Free Skin Cancer Screening, May 3, 2015

Sunday May 3, 2015
Skokie Hospital
9600 Gross Point Rd.
Skokie, IL.
9am-12pm – Free

Why are we screening for malignant melanoma?

Malignant melanomas is a dangerous  type of skin cancer. It is curable when found and treated early, but is often fatal when diagnosed at more advanced stages.  We want to find these cancers and cure them before they become a problem.

Who should take advantage of this free skin cancer screening?

You should come if you are at higher risk for malignant melanoma (see the list below).

This a great opportunity if you or someone you know cannot afford to see a board certified dermatologist due to lack of insurance or because of a high specialist co-pay.

Who is at higher risk for malignant melanoma?

  • Fair skin
  • Many moles (more than 20)
  • Moles that are changing
  • Close blood relatives who have had a melanoma

We especially worry about:

  • White men over 50
  • People of all ages who have frequented tanning salons

Who performs the screenings?

Board Certified Dermatologists affiliated with North Shore University Health System who donate their Sunday morning to work at this free event.

What should you wear?

You should wear a bathing suit under your clothing.

How do I make an appointment for the skin cancer screening?

Click here to register online.


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