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We are a sanctuary medical office

Goldin Skin Dermatology is a “sanctuary medical office.”    We do not ask patients about their immigration status, and we welcome refugees and asylum seekers.

“Sanctuary cities” are cities that do not use their resources (e.g. police, fire, administrative services) to enforce national immigration policy.  Current sanctuary cities in Illinois are:  Chicago, Champaign, Urbana, Cicero, and Evanston.  Cook County is a sanctuary county.

Goldin Skin Dermatology is located in Skokie, IL.  Although Skokie is not a sanctuary city, a major bonus of working in this town is its diverse population.  Over 70 languages different languages are spoken by children attending the public schools in Skokie.   These children come from hardworking, honest, immigrant families who have struggled to come to America to provide a better life for their offspring.

At Goldin Skin Dermatology, we embrace Skokie’s diverse population.  I personally love it when each patient I see speaks a different language.  I might start in English.  The next patient may speak Russian. Then Spanish, followed by Korean, Assyrian, Tagalog, Chinese, French Creole, Hindi, Hebrew, Urdu, Arabic, Vietnamese or Persian.   These patients are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, and Baha’i.

Goldin Skin Dermatology’s staff is diverse as well.  We have native speakers of Tagalog, Korean and Urdu, and the staff that can get by in Spanish and Hebrew.  I stumble in basic Russian.  Currently, we are Christian, Jewish, Muslim and Hindu.

As a “sanctuary office” we do not ask patients about their immigration status and we do not report patients to the government should we learn that the patient is not documented.  We embrace and welcome patients from all over the world regardless of their national origin, religion, or immigration status.

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